17 Feb 2023

Interview with Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt, Friedrich Kiefer KG Privatkellerei – Weingut, Eichstetten

What makes the topic of wine special for you and where does the fascination come from?

Winemaking is in my heart and soul. As the son of a first generation organic winemaker, nature is very close to my heart, along with the further development of organic viticulture with Piwis.

What is your favorite European wine?

Pinot gris from the Kaiserstuhl!

With so many European wine regions to choose from, do you have a favourite?

Baden Kaiserstuhl, for sure.

Your focus is on organic viticulture, so to what extent have the framework and requirements for this changed recently?

The demands on crop protection have increased dramatically due to global warming. That is why I fully rely on PIWIs, as their use allows for a pesticide reduction of 80%.

What role do vegan wines, natural wines and Piwis play for you and your customers?

My organic wines are all vegan but do not come with a label. For me, sustainability labels are much more important. That’s why my winery and private winery Kiefer has been Fair Choice certified since 2022. Schmidt has been Ecovin certified since 1992. My new project, Piwi Collective, has also been Fair Choice certified since 2022. Natural wines are available at Schmidt. They are and remain a niche, yet for winemakers and consumers, they are ultra-exciting and give new impetus to viticulture. Piwis are the future of viticulture for me, with 25% of our organic range already converted. With the Piwi Collective, we want to massively push the topic.

You are an advisory board member of EUROVINO, which will take place for the first time in 2024: Why is EUROVINO relevant as a new trade fair format?

The wine industry needs an innovative new platform where smaller players feel comfortable and future topics can be highlighted.

What are you particularly looking forward to with regard to EUROVINO 2024?

A lively exchange about new concepts and ideas.

Martin Schmidt

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