21 Feb 2023

Interview with Felix Riegel

Felix Riegel, Peter Riegel Weinimport GmbH, Orsingen

What makes the topic of wine special for you and where does this fascination come from?

I’m the son of a wine merchant and, to me, there is something delightfully natural about a glass of wine. But the incredible diversity of the subject is endlessly fascinating too.

What is your favourite European wine?

German Riesling

With so many European wine regions to choose from, do you have a favourite?

No – that would be impossible. My preferences change depending on the occasion, the mood and the season. Here, too, it's diversity that inspires me.

Which wine-growing region in Europe is currently on the up?

Perhaps out of personal attachment, I would recommend the south of France (Languedoc-Roussillon) as a region to keep on the radar.

What makes a sustainable or organic wine?

The organic winemaker sees his vineyards as part of a large, interconnected ecological system. The focus of his work is not the vine as a monoculture, but its integration into a natural cycle. A certified organic wine requires renunciation of chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and there are also stricter rules for organic wines in the cellar. Ideally, the result is exciting wines with a strong character that reflects their origin.

What other aspects are important to your customers when buying wine?

In addition to product quality, many of our customers appreciate our way of doing business. In addition to our focus on 100% organic, social commitment and sustainability have always been an integral part of our philosophy. We are careful to consider and develop the totality of our actions and their effects, and not focus on individual product chains or lighthouse projects. For this, we receive a lot of recognition. In December, for example, we were awarded the Environmental Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg for our in-house environmental protection, as well as our exemplary environmentally oriented corporate management.

You are an advisory board member of EUROVINO, which will take place for the first time in 2024: Why is EUROVINO relevant as a new trade fair format?

I am a great fan of trade fair concepts that focus on the essentials. EUROVINO is oriented towards the interests of its visitors and exhibitors, and therefore I very much support its future relevance.

Felix Riegel

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